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Friday, September 10, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Fiction

Apocalyptic fiction is a sub-genre of science fiction that is concerned with the end of civilization either through nuclear war, plague, or some other general disaster. Post-apocalyptic fiction is set in a world or civilization after such a disaster. The time frame may be immediately after the catastrophe, focusing on the travails or psychology of survivors, or considerably later, often including the theme that the existence of pre-catastrophe civilization has been forgotten (or mythologized). Post-apocalyptic stories often take place in an agrarian, non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of technology remain. There is a considerable degree of blurring between this form of science fiction and that which deals with false utopias or dystopic societies.

Post apocalyptic fiction is probably my favorite category of ficton out there. It really just makes me marvel at how awesome everything is now, and how quick it could all come to an end (secretly i hope it does someitmes!)

The many different ways (nuclear war, pandemic, technological failure) really show that it is possible for us to lose it all in seconds!

Although there are many different genres and medias within post apocalyptic fiction, what is your favorite work? is it a certain videogame, movie, book, etc?

let me know i the comments!


  1. planet of the apes. the original movie.

  2. The Walking Dead.. if that counts. :P

    Showin lurv, pass it on bro